Ariel Benjamin Mannes has contributed his professional insights to a variety of publications throughout his career. Below are links to several of these featured articles:




Is Virtue-Signaling a Cover for Corruption in Coronavirus Programs?

Writing for NewsMax, Ariel Benjamin Mannes provides commentary on the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in New York. 







Why Biden Accusations Are More Credible Than Those Against Kavanagh

In this article for NewsMax, Ariel Benjamin Mannes discusses the recent allegations made against democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 






Is COVID-19 Also Putting Criminal Justice Reform at Risk?

Writing for Newsmax, Ariel Benjamin Mannes discusses COVID-19’s impact on criminal justice reform measures.   







Honoring Those Putting Duty Before Social Distancing

In this article for Newsmax, Ariel Benjamin Mannes adds perspective on how law enforcement, security, fire, and emergency personnel are forced to put their own duties ahead of COVID-19 social distancing.







ariel-benjamin-mannes-spindoctorsWhen It Comes To Crime Stats, Larry Krasner Is A Spin Doctor

Contributing to BigTrial, Ariel Benjamin Mannes discusses Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and crime stats in the city.